One Bisexual Woman, Two Partners, All Enjoy a Good Piss Fuck

Getting ready for a date with her girlfriend, Ally, in her pink satin blouse and tight black pants, Pepper is seduced by her boyfriend, Jaydee to make a fast detour on her way out. He persuades her to suck his cock then bend over the bed for a little nookie. Pepper is hesitant at first, but after her pants are pulled down around her knees, she can’t say no to his thick cock.

Checking to see what’s taking Pepper so long, Ally walks in and catches them fucking on the bed. Jaydee pulls out and moves aside so that Ally can take over, kissing Pepper hard and feeling her up. Feeling a little jealous and a lot turned on, Jaydee decides to join in and make it a threesome, pissing all over the clothed girls and encouraging them to piss on each other too.

Added: April 15, 2011
Duration: 0:23:11

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