Fully Clothed Ladies Pissed On By Drunk Stud

Cindy and Anabel are drinking tea and chatting when their drunk fuck buddy stumbles in. They start making out and tease him, grabbing each other then feeling his cock through his pants. He pulls his big dick out, and they take turns licking and sucking him. Cindy pushes up her skirt and moves her panties aside. She lowers herself onto his dick and begins fucking him while rubbing her clit. At the same time, Anabel gets on her knees between his legs and plays with his balls.

Cindy gets off and sucks his glistening dick, and Anabel follows suit, coming up and sucking his head while rubbing her own wet pussy. Picking her up, he moves Anabel into position and fucks her on her side. Cindy kisses her and grabs her tits as she gets pounded then sits on the arm of the couch and fingers herself. Getting off the couch, their stud shoots his load onto Cindy’s blouse, but he keeps the fun going, standing on the couch and pissing over both women. Fully clothed and soaking wet, the women take turns pissing on each other.

Added: May 5, 2011
Duration: 0:25:38

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