Cute Girl Peeing Solo Outdoors While People Pass By

Cute and kinky, this girl has a public piss fetish. She walks down an embankment next to a busy highway road onto a nature trail and waits for a man to pass before pulling her pants down, taking a piss then masturbating over the dirty deed. She swirls her fingers around her little hole and up to her clit, getting her wetness all over her pussy lips.

Two women pass by with a dog. She repositions herself and gets back to work rubbing her muff beside the trail. Standing and pulling her pants up, she walks back up the embankment to the road. She walks alongside the road for awhile then follows a path next to the road behind some rocks and concrete where she pisses again and plays with her cunt.

Added: April 7, 2011
Duration: 0:12:36

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